So we often get asked about what “AE” means in our company’s name. The short story is that we named the company after our daughter, Aedren.

Baby holding blocks

The longer story is that the two letter combination was actually Niko and my first big, joint parenting decision. We had decided a couple weeks before our child was born that we’d name him or her Aedren (Ay-dren), but couldn’t decide on spelling: Adren or Aedren. I personally thought the extra “e” was too fancy and unnecessary but Niko was really excited about it.

So we sat there in the hospital 2 days after our little girl had been born, debating about the spelling of her name. She was “Baby Finger” for those two days, as we wrote “Adren” and “Aedren” out in all caps, all lower case, cursive, full name, different fonts, everything! And I decided Aedren with an extra “e” was actually pretty awesome. Niko won, and I’m really happy he did. We love our daughter’s name, and so when it came to naming the company that was inspired by her and our new lives as parents, it just made sense: AE Dreams!