Over the past several months, we’ve been hard at work designing, testing, and building an incredible WebApp experience for Turtle Mail. Meg has been testing prototypes with future Turtle Mail owners, Alysia has been working on pixel perfect designs, and Miranda has been coding away and building it all.

We just can’t wait to show off the Turtle Mail WebApp features, so we’ve put together a series of blog posts to give you a “sneak peek” of what we’ve been working on. In this post we’ll show you how you’ll create your account, send mail, and invite friends and family to join the fun.

Account Creation and Management

When your Turtle Mail arrives you’ll start by creating an owner account for yourself and registering your Turtle Mail(s). Then you’ll create “hatchling” accounts for your kids and other family members. (“Hatchlings” are any children or family members who will be receiving mail through from Turtle Mail.) You’ll set up nicknames for yourself and your hatchlings, as well as specify the reading and math levels for each user. This will allow us to customize the activities and content you subscribe to from AE Dreams. You’ll also be able to set a default print time for each user, so Turtle Mail can deliver mail as soon as it’s received or once a day when your kids get home from school.

Friend Accounts

You’ll use your Turtle Mail WebApp account to send invitations to and set permissions for any friends or family that you’d like to allow to send mail to your “hatchlings” through Turtle Mail. Friend accounts can log in to the WebApp to send mail to Hatchlings they’ve been permitted to message.

Send Mail


Probably the most important features of the Turtle Mail WebApp is the ability to create and send mail! Our “Send Mail” feature allows you to select to whom the mail is going, add an image from our library of graphics, compose a text based message, and schedule whether you’d like the mail to be sent that day or a date in the future. You’ll be able to preview each mail before it’s sent.

Image Library

When sending mail, you can browse our image library for a variety of graphics to include. If permitted, friend accounts can also attach images to the mail they send. We’ll provide line art pictures of various animals, characters, and other fun themes.


Thanks for checking out this sneak peek and stay tuned for more! In future sneak peaks we’ll show you how you can manage your print queue, view and reprint mail, and sign-up for fun actives.