We came across this adorable and inspirational little book: Lessons of a Turtle (The Little Book of Life) by Sandy Gingras.

“Thank goodness for rest stops.”
“How did time-out become a punishment?”
“Realism goes just so far…”

Her musings comes from her daily re-runnings of the classic “The Tortoise and the Hare” race.

This book reminded us of why we created Turtle Mail, and where it got its name. While coming up we ideas for cool tech toys for kids, we came across so many families who felt their children had no patience for the little things in life.

One of our early ideas involved sending children daily puzzle pieces – parents thought it was so cute! But many parents said their children would not and could not wait for something to arrive in the mail. Their kids expected everything instantly. A couple of parents were intrigued by the idea that such an experience might help their child slow down in life and appreciate the anxiousness that comes from waiting for something special to come your way.

Thus was born Turtle Mail: It’s faster than snail mail, but still beats the metaphorical hare in the end! With our version of “the Hare” being email and text 😉

You can view snippets of “Lessons of a Turtle” on Google Books.