Hello, my name is Olga Pogoda. I work with Pittsburgh startups, specializing in marketing and social media. I love helping startup companies find direction and connect with their customers. Currently, I am most excited about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. As a team member of the highest grossing Pittsburgh Kickstarter, BoXZY, I have much experience to bring to the table. Outside of my day job at Pittsburgh TechShop, I enjoy spending time in the wood shop and laser cutting and 3D printing small toys for my two and a half year old daughter, Penelope.

Olga and Penny

When I fist heard about AE Dreams’ Turtle Mail project, I was immediately sold! Turtle Mail is everything I look for in a toy when shopping for my child. I knew I wanted to be a part of the project and was honored when I was brought on board. To me, Turtle Mail has endless potential for fun and education for my family. I look forward to all the other products that will be part of the AE Dream Internet of Toys family and to having the opportunity to share them with my daughter, because I’m more than just an employee here – I’m an honest to goodness fan of the product and am proud to say I’m part of this amazing team.