Hi, I’m Lydia! I’m currently a junior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Communication Design. I enjoy brainstorming different ways to visualize ideas, messages, etc. That ranges from creating illustrations, posters, designing physical and digital environments, and designing services.

In my free time, I enjoy trying new food recipes, checking out new restaurants and cafes, hiking, practicing yoga, and spending time babysitting and teaching kids. That’s where AE Dreams comes in! Before hearing about AE Dreams, I had experience babysitting family friends, teaching kids preK-12th grade, and leading them through engaging activities at summer camps and schools. So when I heard of an opportunity to help create visuals for a startup that is changing the way children interact with their toys and environment, I really wanted to join their team. I’ve been having lots of fun creating visuals for AE Dreams in general, for Turtle Mail, and for the Kickstarter we are about to launch this September!