Hi, my name is Bryan Gardiner. I am a rising Senior at CMU studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. While studying at college, I’ve always done by best to fill my time creating cool unique things. I have been in charge of two different booths, which are two story structures with a particular theme that are constructed in a week for CMU’s carnival weekend. I love the diversity and creativity that it affords me, and it’s always nice being able to look back on a finished project that I can be proud of. I also create games in my free time; I am working on a tabletop game and potentially pursuing a patent in modular controller design. I love building, tinkering, writing, and creating in any way I can find.


I became interested in AE Dreams because for me it is another opportunity to be creative and work on a project that I am incredibly proud of. I am able to share a vision with my team members and work hard tinkering and engineering until our vision becomes reality. The first project that we have been working on is Turtle Mail. Everyone on the team has different reasons for loving our little mail man, but for me one of the coolest things is anticipation. Everyday, kids will be able to wait up for that special letter from a friend or even a fictional character. I read webcomics every single morning, and often find myself staying up just a little longer to read the newest update. After I have read the new comic, there is nothing I can do to get more, I have to wait. The same is true with Turtle Mail, kids can’t just press a button and get instant gratification. Instead, it adds something unique and special to each day, and something to look forward to tomorrow.