Hi! My name is Autumn Armega-Finger. I am a loyal Scottie dog at Carnegie Mellon University, where I am currently working towards a double major in Professional Writing and Global Studies, as well as a minor in Japanese. AE Dreams isn’t my only experience with toys. One of my favorite hobbies is creating cute, fun, cuddly plushies and other toys, probably compensating for all the toys I wanted but never got when I was a kid.


One of my biggest passions is learning about the world and its peoples.  I highly value and strive to cultivate the ability to analyze and understand cultures, ideas, and people.  Much of this interest is admittedly for my own personal enrichment and fulfillment.  However, I also devote myself to these studies because of my desire to help people and make the world be a little bit better than before I was in it.

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This is where Turtle Mail comes in. I truly believe in the message and goals of AE Dreams, which is to bring families together through their innovative and creative toys.  My job is to find the perfect way of describing and portraying Turtle Mail, involving writing it’s promotional and technical materials. I meet any writing needs the company has – even if that means just catching silly typos and grammar blunders before publication. Turtle Mail inspires me to think outside the box. The company is rich in passion, determination, and optimism – I am  excited to be apart of it.