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Common Questions

How do I change Turtle Mail's WiFi settings?

Turtle Mail has a “reset button” that will allow you to change the WiFi configuration. First you will need to remove Turtle Mail’s head and shell. Then, on the back of Turtle Mail you will see two small holes. The bottom round hole shows a red LED light. The upper square hole is how you access the reset button. While Turtle Mail is plugged in, use a paperclip to push and hold the reset button. Hold the reset button down until the red LED light blinks rapidly. Then you can reassemble your Turtle Mail and enter your WiFi credentials as illustrated in the user manual.

How do I reprint my Turtle Mail's adoption code and certificate?

Turtle Mail will reprint its adoption code and certificate each time it establishes a new WiFi connection. You can receive Turtle Mail’s adoption code without resetting its WiFi by tapping the reset button once. Follow the instructions above to access Turtle Mail’s reset button. Turtle Mail will print its information, including its adoption code (or serial number).

How do I send messages through Turtle Mail?

Sending mail through Turtle Mail is as easy as sending an email. If you are the owner of a Turtle Mail, you will create your account on the Turtle Mail Web App and register your device following the instructions in the user manual. From there, you can add “Hatchlings” and invite “Friends”. Then you simply navigate to “Send Mail” in the menu bar and start sending messages.

What are "Hatchlings"?

A Hatchling is a child (or adult!) who will receive mail through Turtle Mail. To add Hatchlings, you simply navigate to “Your Nest” in the Turtle Mail Web App and enter their name. You can have multiple Hatchlings receiving messages through one Turtle Mail, or you can assign each Hatchling their own Turtle Mail. It’s up to you!

What are "Friends"?

“Friends” are the family members and friends that you invite to send your Hatchlings mail through Turtle Mail. To invite Friends, you simply navigate to “Your Nest” in the Turtle Mail Web App and enter their name and email address. Each Friend will receive an email inviting them to create their account on the Turtle Mail Web App and to start sending mail.

What parental controls are available?

As the owner of your Turtle Mail, you have complete control over who can send messages and when those messages get printed. For each Friend you add, you can specify whether their messages need your review and approval before they are printed, or not. Also, for each Hatchling you can specify whether their messages get printed as they are received, or at a specific time each day.