Screenless Tech Toys For Kids

At AE Dreams we design children’s products that integrate digital technologies into screen-less toys that encourage imaginative playtime for kids and families. We embrace the power of technology to inspire real-world creativity and problem solving, resulting in children spending more time engaged in tangible playtime activities. Our goal is to create a series of toys that foster unique experiences for children.

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Our Team

Alysia Finger

Co-founder and CEO

Alysia leads sales and strategy. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with degrees in Business Administration and Transmedia Design. Her professional experiences include marketing, sales, communications, project management, interaction design, and web development. Her education and work towards Turtle Mail has also given her ample experience with 3D modeling, prototyping and fabrication. She began designing children’s products shortly after her daughter turned one. Inspired by her daughter, Alysia worked on Turtle Mail as her senior project at Carnegie Mellon University, and she decided to dedicate herself to bringing that dream to life once she graduated.

Niko Triulzi

Co-founder and CTO

Niko is in charge of product design and development He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Architecture. Niko’s background in architecture has trained him for conceptual design, 3D modeling, and rapid prototyping. He is skilled in transforming sketches into digital models and then into physical objects. Niko’s interest in children’s products stems from his hopes to encourage his daughter’s creativity.

Meg Kurdziolek

Director of Research

Meg earned her Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from Virginia Tech, and has over five years of industry experience in user research. For her doctorate, Meg focussed on the design of educational technologies for STEM. In that research she focussed on the developmental, emotional, and educational requirements of technology designed for children. Prior to joining AE Dreams, she was a senior user-experience designer at Weather Underground, and specialized in the design of information visualizations. Meg also has a son, Tommy, who is the inspiration behind her desire to join AE Dreams and design developmentally appropriate technologies for children.

Miranda Hawks

Software Engineer

Miranda earned a degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University and has experience in full-stack development for consumer software applications. She is driven to create applications that engage adults and kids alike, and enjoys working on creative projects that require solving new, challenging problems she has not encountered before.