This past Tuesday, we got a chance to share our vision for children’s tech at AlphaLab Gear‘s Demo Day. It was an amazing event for us, and also a bit nerve-racking as I stood up in front of 800+ people including investors, manufacturers, media, and potential customers. But it allowed us an opportunity to share our vision for an Internet of Toys with the rest of the world.

We want to thank everyone who watched, attended, and showed us support. Our team worked so hard to bring our best game as we presented alongside 13 other awesome tech companies who have gone through the accelerator’s cycle with us the past several months. Our product development team got 3 working prototypes in shape for live demos after the show (including an adorably clunky dancing Turtle Mail!). Our marketing and design team updated our website, prepared promo materials, and made sure our Demo Day presentation shined.

We would also like to publicly share our love for our playtesting families who generously gave us their time and feedback as they tested Turtle Mail from it’s earliest paper and cardboard beginnings. Thank you to all the parents and kids who are helping us improve the Turtle Mail experience.