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Turtle Mail is a wooden mailbox for kids that receives and prints digital content using an embedded thermal printer. Turtle Mail is WiFi-connected, so family and friends can send kids messages from a mobile or desktop device, and kids get their mail printed out each day from Turtle Mail.

Parents can sign their children up for daily activities from AE Dreams, like word searches and drawing exercises. Parents can also help their kids connect to their imaginary worlds by subscribing to content from fictional characters and by building toy profiles for their kids’ favorite toys. Just set up your preferences and we’ll do the rest!

Turtle Mail’s content adjusts based on children’s age and reading level, and children’s preferences can be modified at any time by their parents.


Send Mail

Write messages and send pictures to your children from your desktop or mobile device. It’s easy to send a quick “Love you!” when you’re away and thinking of your little ones.

Subscribe to Activities

Subscribe to activity content so your child’s mailbox is never empty! From connect-the-dots to scavenger hunts, kids will have playtime ideas that keep their minds and hands engaged.

Gives Toys a Voice

Create a Toy Profile for your child’s most favorite toy, and we’ll generate customized messages based on that toy’s personalities and the ways your child plays with it.

Talk to Characters

Add your kids’ favorite characters to the mix. Turtle Mail can send personalized notes from public domain characters and favorites like Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy!

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